Awards Night( Not Finish)

It began as the guests arrival at 3.30-4.00 pm
Programme List
-4.00pm Arrival of guest
-4.30-4.40pm Negaraku and Pledges
-5.00-6.00pm Musical Presentation-"A new beginning"
-6.00--6.20 Message by Ps.Kelvin
-6.20-6.40pm Awards presentation
6.40-7.00pm Graduation
7.00pm Finale

((Running Through everthing as the Guest arrival))

Busy trying to sing , but ermmmmmmmm they failed!!Hahaha but good try!!!

Mini Kids Singing in sign language!!Very cute lo

Our terible but smart Musician!!
Give them!!

Began with the opening MC

Talk talk talk talk....

Talk talk talk talk....


This ppl cant sing trust me.......Their singing sucks!!!BUt ppl good try

Cheras team

This ppl is the teams that do dancing all around the Awards night(i think it is evening)

PPl Busy Recording the nights of wonder....ahahahaa sounds like insult

THE LONG WAITED MOMENTS OF THE JOSEPH PLAY!!!(Oh come on that story was 2500 years ago!!!))

History synopsis
-life of Joseph is an example of success,courage,trust and the disciplined desire to honour God.

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